Bulg. J. Phys. vol.48 no.1 (2021), pp. 055-061

Development of Solar Observations in Bulgaria: New 30-cm Chromospheric Telescope

Ts. Tsvetkov, N. Petrov
Institute of Astronomy and National Astronomical Observatory, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 72 Tsarigradsko Chaussee Blvd., 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria
Abstract. The development of solar observations during the last decades and the growing influence of space-based telescopes turns the ground-based monitoring of the Sun into complementary activity. Nevertheless, new solar telescopes continue to be established as they excel space-borne instruments with the immediate access to the received data and relatively low completion cost. In 2019 a project for establishing a new 30-cm solar telescope in the National Astronomical Observatory Rozhen (Bulgaria) was launched. This paper summarizes the primary goals and objectives of the telescope as well as its stage of construction.

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