Bulg. J. Phys. vol.47 no.1-2 (2020), pp. 001-031

About Electroweak Regime, Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and Quantum Chromodynamics Condensates in a Completion of the Standard Model Based on Energy Fluctuations of a Timeless Three-Dimensional Quantum Vacuum

D. Fiscaletti
SpaceLife Institute, San Lorenzo in Campo (PU), Italy
Abstract. A completion of the Standard Model based on energy fluctuations of a timeless three-dimensional quantum vacuum corresponding to elementary processes of creation/annihilation of quanta is proposed which introduces interesting perspectives in the understanding of the electroweak interaction and of quantum chromodynamics. In this picture, electroweak symmetry breaking emerges dynamically via dimensional transmutation determined by the couplings associated with a singlet field depending on the changes of the energy density of the timeless three-dimensional quantum vacuum, thus removing the global minimum of the Standard Model Higgs potential. QCD condensates are vacuum properties linked with opportune elementary processes of creation/annihilation of quanta from the three-dimensional timeless quantum vacuum.

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