Bulg. J. Phys. vol.45 no.2 (2018), pp. 138-151

Modified Dark Matter in Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters

D. Edmonds1, D. Farrah2, D. Minic2, Y.J. Ng3, T. Takeuchi2
1Department of Physics, The Pennsylvania State University, Hazleton
2Department of Physics, Center for Neutrino Physics, Virginia Tech
3Institute of Field Physics, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Abstract. Modified Dark Matter (MDM) is a phenomenological model of dark matter, inspired by gravitational thermodynamics, that naturally accounts for the universal acceleration constant observed in galactic rotation curve data; a critical acceleration related to the cosmological constant, Λ, appears as a phenomenological manifestation of MDM. We show that the resulting mass profiles, which are sensitve to Λ, are consistent with observations at the galactic and galaxy cluster scales. Our results suggest that dark matter mass profiles contain information about the cosmological constant in a non-trivial way.

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